The Fifth “P”

We remember Sir Isaac Newton, right? For those of you who slept through that lesson, he was the guy who discovered a ton of important laws that govern physics as we know it in the modern age. Similarly, the founding fathers of marketing, whoever they may be, have set into motion their own system of rules. In this subjective business there are no laws. However, one set of rules that marketers love dearly are known as the 4 P’s (product, place, price, and promotion for those of you who need a refresher). Whether you are selecting the perfect promotional product line or designing a website, these rules will no doubt guide the strategy of your messaging.

Normally, plucking a lesson right out of academia and exemplifying upfront would not be considered blog best practices. However, an awesome marketer who I had the pleasure of taking a class from decided to shake up this 4P model. He added an additional component: a fifth “P” (gasp!). Technology has changed the model.

This fifth “P” takes into account the people who are stakeholders within any marketing framework. Whether an audience member who is a part of your target market or an interested Tweeter passing along your blog to their content-hungry fan base, technology has dictated that marketers, more than ever, get a conversation going. We are the party-starters of the business world.

That being said, we invite you to explore interesting topics with us through our own blog at The Works Creative Group. As we explore new topics, grow and expand our content we want our audience to participate. Link us to an interesting article, share a blog that caught your eye, even submit your own content if you feel so inspired. Our goal is to learn more from you, our audience, than we could possibly provide in return. Now, let’s get the conversation started….

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